To create an index I read the text carefully for concepts and terms. Then I reread the index for parallel and consistent construction, carefully double-posting and creating cross-references for greater usability.

Indexing requires attention to detail. In addition to indexing, any typographical errors, or inconsistencies in the proofs that may affect the index will be sent in for clarification.

Indexes are formatted to your specifications, and special styles and formats are easily accommodated with the use of dedicated indexing software.

Indexes are delivered as an .rtf or .doc file attachment.

I guarantee that indexes are delivered on time, and they are frequently delivered before the due date.

In short, authors–including self-published writers–wanting to find an indexer with all the skills and business practices for completing a professional and usable index have come to the right indexing services.

Here is helpful information about evaluating indexes and standard indexing practices for greater usability by readers:

“American Society for Indexing Evaluation Checklist”

“Criteria for the ASI/EIS Publishing Award for Excellence in Indexing”

Unsolicited Testimonials:

“… I want to commend you on a beautiful, thorough, and usable index. I am so impressed with its depth and level of detail. Thanks very much!” Kate Haulmani, author: The Politics of Fashion in Eighteenth-Century America, University of North Carolina Press.

“Also, I have to tell you that your index for the Mooney [book] was just gorgeous –really one of the best I’ve seen in ages. It’s a pleasure to work with you.” Caroline Knapp, Project Manager, University of California Press. Faith Makes Us Live, Mooney, University of California Press.

Contact: J. Naomi Linzer, “the index whisperer!” at


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