• Density of text, and depth of index, are some of the factors that determine rates for indexing.
  • The range of rates can vary from $2.50 per indexable page for publications with fewer than five entries per page and many photographs, for example, to $10.00 per indexable page for reference publications, with more than ten entries per page. I also can quote a per-project rate.
  • Rates are quoted based on a review of a sample of the text. The project rate includes end notes with indexable information. And, if necessary, a payment plan can be arranged.
  • To confirm per page rates, it is best to email about six to ten pages from one of the middle chapters for an evaluation of the density of text, complexity of material, and type of index–or indexes–required for each publication.
  • Accurate indexes depend on the page numbers of the manuscript remaining stable from the beginning to the end of the indexing process. If the book’s pagination changes after indexing has begun, there may be an additional charge for re-indexing, and/or changing page numbers due to re-flow of text.


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[updated 04-2020]

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